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Milann currently has fertility centers at five locations in Bangalore, with plans for a pan-India and international presence. We provide services in fertility treatment, gynecological endoscopy, oocyte and embryo freezing, and donor and surrogacy programmes.

Founded in 1989 by Dr. Kamini Rao, Milann has a track record of clinical success in fertility built over 25 years.

We would be happy to welcome you if you are interested in being a part of our journey by joining the Milann group either to deliver your patients or to use our facilities for IVF and Embryology.

International Institute for Training and Research in Reproductive Health

Milann is affiliated with IIRRH, the International Institute for Training and Research in Reproductive Health, established with the mission to train clinicians and scientists in advanced human reproduction and infertility. Founded in the year 1999, IIRRH is today recognized as among India's leading institutions for education and training in Reproductive Medicine.

IIRRH offers post-doctoral fellowship programs in Reproductive Medicine. Headed by renowned clinician, researcher and academician Dr. Kamini Rao, IIRRH is one of the few institutes to offer a Ph. D program in Reproductive Biology, in addition to the short and medium-term training programs for clinicians and scientists. With the motto of "Education and research towards better patient care", IIRRH has been in the process of training future ART clinicians and scientists, while simultaneously reaching out to improving our understanding of leading developments in the field of reproductive medicine. The institution is registered as a charitable trust vide Reg. no. TRUST/718/10A/VOL.I/T-162/99-2000/CIT-IT.

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Milann - Clinical Expertise

Dr. Kamini A Rao

DGO, DORP, DCh, FRCOG (UK), FICOG, PGDMLE ( Law), FNAMS, Chairperson, IIRRH and Medical Director, Milann

Dr. Deepika K

MS, Fellowship in RM, Clinical Programme Co-ordinator , Consultant Reproductive Medicine, Milann

Ms. Anuja Kamath

MSc, Biotechnology, Chief Embryologist, Milann

Dr. Mekhala Dwarakanath B

MBBS, MS (OBG), DGO, FRM, Consultant Reproductive Medicine, Milann Indiranagar

Dr. Arveen Vohra

MBBS, MS, FRM, Consultant Reproductive Medicine, Milann

Dr. Gautham Pranesh

MBBS, MD, Head of Lab. Medicine and Vice President Operations, Milann.

Dr. Divyashree P S

MBBS, MS, FNB in RM, Consultant Reproductive Medicine, Milann

Dr.Chaitra Nayak

MS, FNB in RM, Consultant Reproductive Medicine, MSR Milann

Dr. Mir Jaffar

MSc PhD, Embryology Programme Co-ordinator, Embryologist, Milann

Milann - Laboratory

  • Laboratory accredited by NABL (ISO15189: 2012)
  • Barcode driven sample management
  • Over 120 tests done in-house
  • Bidirectional interfaced equipment
  • HIS compliance to CFR21 part 11 norms
  • Special testing capabilities including ELISA, molecular biology, karyotyping and FISH
  • Experience in new assay validations and medical device testing
  • HL7 interfacing and integration for data reporting on request

Consulting and Leadership

  • Recognized opinion leaders in reproductive medicine
  • Experienced team of researchers in domains of obstetrics, gynaecology, embryology, andrology, laboratory sciences
  • Active participation in International and National scientific meets
  • Experience in clinical trial design for academic and industry projects
  • Scientific Review Board
  • DCGI recognized Ethics Committee

Milann-List of studies

Study title Area of study Sponsor/Collaborator/CRO Type of study
The efficacy of depo provera as a contaceptive Gynecology Pharmacia & Upjohn India Pvt. Ltd Phase IV
Efficacy of Duphaston (Dihydrogestrone) Gynecology Duphar Interfran Ltd. Phase IV
A randomized clinical study on Garcina vs. Placebo in obesity Metabolic disease Astra-IDL Ltd. Phase II/III
Genetic basis of male infertility in South Indians Genetics/Epidimiology Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology Epidimiological study
Analysis of Cord Blood in ICSI Babies Stem cell research Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology Biomarkar development
Isolation and Charecterization of human embryonic stem cells Stem cell research National Center for Biological Sceinces Biomarkar development
Phase III clinical trial on "Quadrivalant human pappilomavirus recombinant vaccine" Gynecology MSD Pharmacuticals Pvt. Ltd. Phase III
Iron oligosaccaride in gynecological patients with dysmennoragia Gynecology Clinigene International Limited Phase III
A prospective, multicentric, randomized, comparative, open label, parallel group phase IV study to evaluate the efficacy and cost effectiveness of minimal stimulation protocol compared to the standard protocol for in-vitro fertilization in India Reproductive Medicine Bharat Serum Pvt Ltd Phase IV
A prospective, multicentric, open labeled clinical study to evaluate efficacy and safety of rec hCG in patients undergoing treatment for infertility. Reproductive Medicine Reliance Clinical Research Service Pvt. Ltd. Phase II/III
Phase III randomized, open label, study comparing the efficacy, safety and tollrability of Oral Dyhydrogestrone 30 mg daily vs. crinone 8% intravaginal progestrone gel 90mg daily for leuteal support for IVF Reproductive Medicine Abbott Laboratories Phase III
Role of sFLT- PlGF in prediction of late onset severe pre-eclempsia in Gestational/Chronic hypertensive preganat women and its influence on neonatal outcome Obstetric University of Chicago Biomarkar development
Validation of PC-10 and HC-7 PCOTs Medical devices TATA Healthcare Equipment validation
Development and validation of an automated mobile based semen analysis platform Medical devices Sigtuple Device development and validation

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