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After trying to conceive many a times since 32 years of marraige, Mr. Suhan Singh briefs about how walking into Milann make his and his wife's dreams turn into reality.

Mr. Suhan Singh

Mrs. Sharada Singh narrates her 32 years of miserable journey of not being able to conceive her pregnancy and how walking into Milann proved to be a major turning point of her life.

Mrs. Sharada Suhan Singh

Ms. Suhasini Suresh

Mr & Mrs. Chethan

Mrs. Chandra Sharma & Mr. Suresh Sharma

Mrs. Chandra Sharma & Mr. Suresh Sharma

Rohini & Shivasubramanyan

Mrs. Leela & Mr. Uday

After 2 unsuccessful IVF cycles, Twin girls at last!

During challenging and chaotic time – Looking out on the world today, it’s easy to get discouraged and think, “When can we become parents???” especially when complications and problems seem endless and massive. IVF treatment comes in as a ray of hope, nevertheless, undergoing it is a roller-coaster experience, but once it succeeds, becomes a rewarding one!

Being in our early forties, our expectations of having a child were exceedingly low. We turned to Milann following some failures at other clinics well within and outside India (USA and Latin America). The doctors here at-last cheerfully affirmed our possibilities and accomplished our dream a reality. We are now thrilled to announce after 10 years of strong desire that with the fantastic assistance of Milann, two of the most beautiful little treasures (‘Aashraya’ and ‘Aakanksha’) were born on 21st August 2016. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all (special thanks to Dr. Deepika, Dr. Revathi, Dr. Anu Kottur, Dr. Vinay, Dr. Navya, Dr. Soumya, Dr. Nupur, Dr. Smitha(2), Dr. Sindhu, Dr. Tasveen & sisters) at Milann.

Our overwhelming joy and happiness if mighty; words cannot describe how thankful we are; God bless !!!

- Vinay Kumar M A, Rashmi

Thank you Milann, for making us proud parents! You have made our life an experience to cherish. May you light the lamp of hope to many more, because you are the one who never stops believing in those who look upon you, even if they are on the verge of giving up on themselves.

Dr. Jayanthi and Dr. Saravanan

We had a fantastic experience in Milann! Everyone on the team is so friendly and welcoming, right from the watchman who greets us to the receptionists. The nurses, the management, the staff and last but not the least, the doctors- in my case Dr. Revathi and Dr. Deepika!

Hana and Kashif

Our journey at Milann started in 2009. We went through a lot of tests and procedures but all in vain. The doctors were very kind and patient and counselled us constantly. In 2011, on the advice given by Dr. Anu Kottur we went ahead with the last phase of our treatment which turned out to be very successful. Whenever we see this little child in front of us, we remember Dr. Kamini, Dr. Anu and Dr. Revathi. You all have made our life by giving us the most expensive gift in our life. Thank you!

Dr. Sharada and Dr. Prakash

With several risk factors and complications we came to Milann. We were very fortunate to come under the able supervision of Dr. Revathi who provided expert care and advise at all times. With a very systematic and open approach we received world-class care and treatment. We are now enjoying the joy of parenting. Thanks Team Milann!

Jayanthi and Satya Simha

Very friendly staff and doctors treat you with personal touch. Doctors are available all the time and even respond via email/SMS/phone when there is a query, thus addressing and easing the patients' concerns.

Rashmi Hiresawe

Experience at Milann was really awesome! The warmth shown by the doctors, nurses including the support staff was really touching. My special thanks to Dr. Revathi and Dr. Smitha for being with me throughout the journey of my motherhood.


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