Endometriosis Treatment

Endometriosis Treatment

How endometriosis causes infertility?

Infertility is one of the consequences of endometriosis. To begin with, the prospect of going through a painful intercourse can impede the possibility of conception. Otherwise, scarring or adhesions of internal tissues and organs in the pelvic region may restrict adequate movement of the egg down the fallopian tube to the uterus. Endometriosis can cause an overproduction of fertilization and implantation causing hormones known as prostaglandins, thus causing infertility.

How endometriosis causes infertility?

There are certain fertility tests that may be done to arrive at a diagnosis of endometriosis. A laparoscopic procedure can identify problems like scarring and endometriosis.

Endometriosis Treatment

Endometriosis Treatment can begin following a laparoscopic procedure and quite often, the best chances for a woman with endometriosis to get pregnant are within the first couple of years the following treatment. There are many women with endometriosis who get pregnant without any treatment at all. And there are some others who get pregnant and bear children successfully by adopting simple dietary and lifestyle modifications.

Endometriosis may cause painful periods, persistent pain within the girdle space, physiological state and alternative symptoms. The signs will vary from delicate to severe. Treatment choices embrace painkillers, secretion treatments and surgery.

Understandably, management of endometriosis may be a long-term process. Doctors prescribe medications to halt the progress of the condition. Surgery is recommended only when absolutely necessary. Patients are usually unaware of the disease and endometriosis treatment modalities, despite the hardships they face in balancing childlessness and the severity of their problem.

Women who want to conceive may require specialized treatments like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). It may be one of the last options for women affected by endometriosis to get pregnant and bear children successfully. This treatment is said to be better suited to women who are over 35 years of age.

The sheer number of women diagnosed with endometriosis is alarming. Endometriosis is known to be affecting the lives of over 25 million women in India alone, and there are millions more who may be ignorant about the problem, most of who are in their reproductive age. Patients are often ignorant about the disease, resulting in delayed presentation to the gynecologists. Early diagnosis offers the best chance for effective endometriosis treatment.

What is endometriosis?

The endometrium is the tissue that lines within the female internal reproductive organ (uterus). Endometriosis may be a condition wherever mucosa tissue is made outside the female internal reproductive organ. It is ‘trapped’ within the girdle space and lower tummy (abdomen) and, rarely, in alternative areas within the body.

What causes endometriosis?

There are many theories over the years. the liner of the female internal reproductive organ (uterus) is termed the mucosa. One theory was that some cells from the mucosa get outside the female internal reproductive organ into the girdle space. They get there by spilling backwards on the Fallopian tubes after you have an amount.

Patches of endometriosis tend to be ‘sticky’ and will be part of organs to every alternative. The medical term for this is often adhesions. to Illustrate, the bladder or intestine could ‘stick’ to the female internal reproductive organ. giant patches of adenomyosis could kind into cysts that bleed monthly after you have an amount. The cysts will fill with dark blood and area unit called ‘chocolate cysts’.

What area unit the symptoms of endometriosis?

Patches of endometriosis will vary in size from the dimensions of a pinhead to giant clumps. many ladies with endometriosis don’t have any symptoms. If symptoms develop they will vary, and embrace those listed below.

The symptoms of endometriosis will disagree from girl to girl. you’ll don’t have any symptoms in the least. one among the foremost common symptoms is long girdle pain lasting six months or additional. This appears like amount pain and will precede or throughout your amount.

Other symptoms you’ll have include:

  • changes to your periods, corresponding to serious trauma
  • pain throughout sex
  • depression
  • extreme weariness
  • unexplained difficulties turning into pregnant
  • blood in your pee

How will endometriosis treatment progress?

If endometriosis is left untreated, it becomes worse in regarding four in ten cases. It gets higher while not treatment in regarding two in ten cases. For the remainder, it stays regarding constant. endometriosis isn’t a cancerous condition.

Complications typically exist in ladies with severe untreated endometriosis. to Illustrate, giant patches of endometriosis will typically cause an obstruction of the intestine or of the tube from the urinary organ to the bladder (the ureter).

What area unit the aims of endometriosis treatment?

The main aims of the endometriosis treatment area unit to boost symptoms corresponding to pain and serious periods and to boost fertility if this is often aroused. There area unit varied treatment choices that area unit mentioned below.

Not treating as an associate degree choice

If symptoms area unit heat and fertility isn’t a difficulty for you then you’ll not need any treatment. In regarding two in ten cases, endometriosis clears and symptoms go with none treatment. you’ll perpetually modification your mind and want treatment if signs don’t go, or go to pot.

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