ACCUVIT- A new and effective strategy in IVF patients

ACCUVIT- A new and effective strategy in IVF patients

ACCUVIT (accumulation and vitrification of embryos) is a new and effective IVF strategy, especially for women with diminished ovarian reserve. The ovarian reserve could be compromised due to various factors. The commonest causes being advanced age, autoimmunity, genetic, severe endometriosis, any ovarian insult be in the form of surgery/radiotherapy/ chemotherapy. Through ACCUVIT strategy, it is possible to accumulate embryos obtained over several stimulation cycles combined with cryopreservation by vitrification. By doing so, the option of selecting the best embryo for transfer is possible. This enhances the chances of implantation, pregnancy and live-birth. This management, has become a promising reality, with the advent of excellent freezing technology that is vitrification. Using this efficient technique of freezing, combined with the experience and expertise of our embryologists, has resulted in nearly 95-99% survivability of the embryos following thawing/warming.

This strategy is useful in women with poor egg production due to various reasons, elderly women and low ovarian reserve. Additionally, it benefits those who are in a race against time to beget their own genetic offspring, as most women find it difficult to accept and cope with the terrible consequence of resorting to egg donation.

Considering the risk of developing severe OHSS, Doctors prefer mild stimulation or modified natural cycle protocols. This new technique is beneficial for patients in terms of being more physiological, lesser injections, better tolerability and reduced cost. All of these, making it more patient-friendly. Thus, accumulating and vitrification of embryos improves the probability of a woman to have her own biological offspring. Many patients who have become pregnant using ACCUVIT, sometimes also have surplus embryos stored.  This allows them the opportunity to have a second child in the future if they so wished.

With ACCU-VIT, our centre has witnessed remarkable results in terms of achievement of just not pregnancy but live-birth with reduced miscarriage rates, even in those patients who were turned down to opt for donor eggs.

Dr. Kamini A Rao & Dr. K Deepika,  Milann

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