Inspired by science, driven by technology

Inspired by science, driven by technology

Bangalore houses many of the highly established fertility doctors who have gained expertise through years of experience and intense research. The Best fertility doctor in Bangalore, Dr. Kamini Rao runs the most reputed and highly decorated chain of hospitals “Milann”! The name is nothing less than an acronym to success and hope, the specialists at Milann always promise to deliver best treatment to its patients and fulfil their dreams of parenthood.

If you are a couple who have faced repeated miscarriages or were unable to conceive even after a year’s time of unprotected intercourse then walk into Milann and we will just find you the best treatment course. Reaching out to the Best fertility doctor in Bangalore can be your best choice of getting pregnant.

Dr. Kamini A Rao, a leading obstetrician and infertility specialist and recipient of the Padma Sri Award is the face of Milann hospitals. Milann offers the best healthcare services to infertile couples, ranging from pre-pregnancy planning, pregnancy and even the post-delivery. Here is a small walkthrough of Dr. Kamini Rao’s early contributions to the field of reproductive medicine…to start with, it is the establishment of South India‘s first Semen Bank, Country’s First SIFT Baby and South India’s first ICSI babies (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) and also the Laser Assisted Hatching. Being the Best fertility doctor in Bangalore, Dr. Kamini Rao has been a mentor to a large number of fertility specialists across a clinical and research career spanning three decades. Meanwhile serving as a beacon of hope to thousands of infertile couples!

The doctors at Milann have all obtained their post-doctoral Fellowship and are extensively trained in assisted reproduction including reproductive endocrinology, reproductive immunology, ovarian biology and also the genetics of fertility… Milann has a technological edge over its competitors and is undoubtedly delivering happiness to couples in need!

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