Myths & Facts on Immunization

Myths & Facts on Immunization

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Immunization of every child is very important for building a nation of healthy individuals and a brighter future. Vaccinations protect a child from serious illnesses and complications that may occur during the early phases of childhood. Every child needs vaccination as it provides a thorough defense (or immunity) against potentially deadly diseases. Vaccination has proven to be the most effective method to stop the spread of infectious diseases like smallpox, polio, measles, diphtheria, etc.

Preparing for vaccinations

Immunizations are usually safe for children of every age group. The benefits of vaccines far outweigh any risk associated with them. In order to stay prepared, we would advise you to take certain precautions prior to heading for your child’s vaccination.

Myths & Facts on Immunization Always ensure that you take your child to a reputed private or government clinic/hospital for vaccinations. The clinic/hospital should have all the facilities to store vaccines safely at an adequate temperature.

Your doctor needs to know about any side-effects or any significant reactions your baby had from the last dose or any other vaccinations or medications prescribed earlier.

Insist on checking the expiry date of the vaccine being given to your baby. Expired vaccine can cause serious problems for the baby.
Insist on checking the expiry date of the vaccine before the doctor gives the vaccinations to your baby. Expired vaccine can cause serious problems for the baby and sometimes may also turn out to be fatal.

Even during minor illnesses, it is allowed to give vaccinations to a child. Just in case, always inform your doctor if your baby has any health issues like cold, fever etc.

Prior to DPT vaccination, inform the doctor if the child had developed any convulsions or fits in the past. In order to avoid adverse side effects of the vaccine, the pediatrician may take appropriate steps and minimize the side effects.

Please refer to the table below to check whether your child due for a vaccination.

Immunization Schedule in India as per IAP recommendations

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