FAQs in High Risk Obstetrics and Pregnancy

FAQs in High Risk Obstetrics and Pregnancy

What should be the ideal diet during pregnancy?

Pregnant mothers always wonder about their ideal diet. An ideal diet just means something that is wholesome and can be customized according to individual requirements. Counseling sessions for diet could be recommended as a customized diet would be designed keeping in mind individual preferences and life style. These diet charts should be simple and wholesome. The goal is a balanced diet with good hydration. Separate counseling sessions for diabetic mothers, catering to their preferences of low carbohydrate diet with very less unsaturated fat are undertaken. Diet charts designed to cater to requirements of a normal pregnancy and charts for diabetic mothers and an ideal postpartum diet are made available.

How should I take care of my breasts during pregnancy?

It is advisable to ensure that nipples do not remain retracted after 28 weeks by regularly keeping them pulled outside, and keeping them sore-free by application of emollients like coconut oil or olive oil. All these will ensure hassle free breast feeding.

Is breast pain during pregnancy normal?

Yes. It is a physiological or natural mechanism designed to prepare your breasts for nursing your baby after delivery. You should wear suitable brassiere that gives you firm support preferably a cotton one. Avoid ones that irritate the nipples. Try maternity brassiere if you cannot find a regular one that fits well.

Why is there a bluish discoloration over the skin of breast in pregnancy?

As the breasts enlarge in size the blood supply to them also increase to cater to the needs of the enlarging breast. The number of blood vessels increases and bluish veins may appear. These changes make the breasts tender and more sensitive.

Does the breast size increase during pregnancy?

Yes, the breasts enlarge which is due to the increase in the size of the milk glands and fatty tissue.

Is travelling safe during pregnancy?

It is advisable that long distance travel be avoided in the first (up to 14 weeks) and third (28 weeks till delivery) trimesters. Generally train or air travel is relatively safer. Travel by car with intermittent breaks is reasonably acceptable. Auto rides and bumpy two wheeler rides may precipitate preterm delivery.

Should I take rest for more hours during pregnancy?

Usually 8 to 10 hours of sleep during the entire day is recommended. After 32 weeks of pregnancy, an additional 2 hours of sleep at noon, if possible, would be beneficial. Pregnancy does not mean quitting a job. In fact, working women are more fit and focused at delivery.

Is smoking and drinking alcohol unsafe during pregnancy?

Yes, smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy could result in growth restricted babies with multiple deformities. Betel nut chewing, carbonated drinks excessive coffee and tea are also not recommended

Is it safe to have intercourse during pregnancy?

Sexual intercourse is safe during the second trimester (14-28 weeks) provided there are no risk factors like a low-lying placenta. Avoid excessive physical strain during the act. It is recommended to avoid intercourse in the third trimester (especially if there is a previous history of preterm birth) as the act could result in infection ascending upwards towards to the uterus resulting in preterm contractions.

What is quickening?

Quickening is the perception of fetal movements by the mother, first experienced between 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. It is usually experienced 2 weeks earlier in subsequent pregnancies. The expected date of delivery is approximately 20 weeks from the date of quickening.

Is it important to exercise before and after pregnancy?

Yes, some of the recommended exercises during pregnancy include warming up exercises, stretch exercises, foot exercises, arm and shoulder exercises, squatting exercises etc. Breathing and Lamaze exercises along with yoga during pregnancy also positively prepare the mother for labor and delivery.
After delivery, head-raising and leg-raising exercises along with Kegel exercises are recommended.
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