Milann, now in Delhi…

Milann, now in Delhi…

Founded by Dr. Kamini Rao back in 1989, Milann has helped thousands of couples realize their dream of parenthood while establishing benchmarks in technology, training, and clinical competence in the field of fertility treatment across India.

Our success rates are among the best in the industry. We attribute this to our structured, scientific approach and highly personalised treatment. Our integrated approach will support couples through their journey from assessment, diagnosis, treatment – including advanced techniques – and counselling. It is our endeavour to provide the best medical facilities and specialists at the most convenient locations like our recent venture – the launch of Milann center in New Delhi.

Milann at Delhi is equipped with world-class facilities driven by the latest technology and advancements in the field of reproductive medicine. Enhance your probabilities of a successful pregnancy at our Milann IVF clinics at convenient locations in Bangalore, Delhi, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad.

IVF is the best-known treatment for fertility problems, but there are other options and our IVF consultants in Delhi can assist you in choosing the best treatment for you. Treatment at Milann IVF centre in Delhi which is equipped with  state-of-the-art laboratory as well as procedure rooms for smooth functioning of all clinical procedures  to ensure the best outcomes.  If you’re interested,  reach out to our experienced IVF consultants in Delhi, to learn about IVF as well as the risks associated with it as well as our excellent success rates.  Our IVF specialists in Delhi as well as our other centers bring to you several years of rich experience in infertility treatment as well as excellence in  surgical procedures like gynae endoscopy, laparoscopy, hysterectomy, myomectomy and more. We are currently one amongst the best IVF hospitals in Delhi as well as in other parts of India. Our sterility treatment focuses on a holistic approach that has resulted in high success rates with IVF treatments.

Our efficient team of Doctors from Delhi and other centers i.e. IVF consultants, feto-maternal consultants,  Ultrasonologists, Nutritionists, Andrologists, Paediatricians, Endocrinologists and neonatologists and other staff are always there to make sure that you have a healthy pregnancy as well as a healthy child at Milann.

If you have any further queries directly reach us at
Contact us – 1800 4076 45266 or 8527699266

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