IVF Services at Milann

IVF Services at Milann

With the help of modern science and advanced technology, our specialists at Milann have enhanced the probabilities of a successful pregnancy at the Milann IVF clinics. Dr. Kamini Rao, Medical Director – Milann, usually quotes that “Chance favours the ready mind and body” to most of her IVF patients. Her collective vision of getting ready effectively for IVF or maybe alternative power-assisted fertility treatments is actually a lot of valuable and advantageous.

Going down the trail of infertility treatments at various fertility clinics and failing to conceive repeatedly can be really depressing. However, we, at Milann can assist you to restore your hopes with the help of advanced treatments available and enhance your probability of a prospering pregnancy.

Established in the year 1989 as BACC at Bangalore and now called Milann, our centers are spread all across India, trying to reach out to more and more couples who have been unable to experience the joy of parenthood. Milann is backed by a team of efficient IVF specialists with years of practical expertise in treating thousands of couples for more than two decades since its inception.

Based on exactly what has previously been done, the first consultation is usually an opportunity to discuss with your Clinician and get a birds-eye view of the course of treatment at an infertility centre.

Clinical details: We value the reports from your previous laboratory tests and at the same time we may advise you to undergo some more investigations in case we feel the need for the same.  With the help of the summary of your medical records, we can identify the most significant problems obstructing your prospects of conceiving a healthy pregnancy.

Nutrient intake and lifestyle: Our nutritionists and dieticians at Milann strongly believe that nutrients play a significant role in the success of IVF cycles, owing to their influence on each and every cell in your blood and the environment where the fertilized egg begins to develop. Therefore we plan a low-calorific value diet keeping in mind the required levels of nutrition for your fetus as well as your well-being. Throughout this, we value your daily diet and provide you a dietary regime with an easy, yet lasting meal plan (not diet regime!) to support your pregnancy. Your dietician will also guide you on dietary supplements which can facilitate an increase in primary nutrients you may be lacking. Based on your diet plan, regular laboratory tests also can be suggested to develop the need for distinct dietary supplements.

Emotional/Psychological well-being: Owing to your previous medical records of repeated pregnancy loss or any other disaster that can be disturbing your current state of mental well-being, your IVF specialists might advise you to seek counselling to examine delicate issues or distinct matters causing mental troubles and resolve them for the betterment of your pregnancy as well as the development of your fetus:

  • Emotionally, creating it terribly troublesome to keep up associate degree optimistic mental attitude.
  • Nutritionally, since anxiety uses up a great deal of the basic nutrients.
  • Sustaining associate degree optimistic still as adjuvant association with each other.

Our counselling programmes focus on lowering the anxiety and stress levels and also include a recommended set of exercises which will suitably assist you to uphold a much more peaceful mental attitude.

We have recently been recognized as the best fertility & IVF center in India as well as ranked #1 nationally in the field of fertility sciences and quality healthcare.

If you have any queries you can always reach us at info@milann.co.in
Contact us – 1800 4076 45266 or 8527699266

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