Patient Friendly IVF

Patient Friendly IVF

In recent years infertility is growing at an alarming pace, especially in metros. It is estimated that of the 60-80 million couples suffering from infertility globally every year, between 15- 20 million are in India alone. Initially, female infertility was the majority cause, but in recent years, male infertility is also on the rise. Male factor infertility is solely responsible for about 20-30% of infertility cases. The male factor infertility contributes to 50% of cases overall, with female infertility affecting 30-40% alone. Depending on the cause, there are various treatments available including IUI and IVF. Even though there is a proper indication for IVF in a few couples, they are not willing for IVF. The reason behind this could either be the cost factor or the fear of high doses of daily injections.

IVF trend: Conventional v/s Current

Earlier ovarian stimulation for IVF was mainly done to obtain surplus embryos in women who are unable to achieve pregnancy. This results in a good number of embryos, which can be transferred in subsequent cycles. But recently, in the presence of good clinical expertise and good laboratory facilities, fertilization, cleavage rates, fertility preservation techniques have improved. The need for surplus oocytes putting women at risk of IVF complications like OHSS, is reduced. In contrast to current approaches of conventional stimulation protocols, mild ovarian stimulation for IVF intends to limit the number of oocytes obtained to less than eight by using lower-than-average dose of gonadotropins for ovarian stimulation in IVF.

In a recent study conducted at Milann under the guidance of Dr. Deepika K, pregnancy outcome in mild ovarian stimulation was around 28.6% as compared to conventional ovarian stimulation. The quality of oocytes and thereby the resulting embryos were superior. Also, there was a better embryo-endometrial synchrony for fresh embryo transfer in mild stimulation IVF than the routine conventional IVF.

In aggregate, these advantages should increase the access and acceptability of IVF as it is patient friendly and pocket friendly.

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