Know Your Pregnancy

Know Your Pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different! There is a feeling of expectation and excitement when you realize that you are pregnant.

First Trimester

Not being able to conceive a baby and having to cope with the social stigma in India where relatives are breathing down your neck on when you will have a baby can be extremely overwhelming. What is important to note is that help is at hand. Certified fertility doctors can help you with your situation. In fact, currently India successfully performs approximately 100,000 IVF cycles annually.
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It includes the first three months of pregnancy.

First month

By the end of the first week of fertilization, the embryo attaches to the uterine wall. Later the placenta is formed which is connected to the growing baby by the umbilical cord. The cord supplies nourishment from the mother to the baby and carries off the waste from the baby to the mother. Even before you know for sure that you are pregnant; the baby’s central nervous system, heart and lungs begin to develop. The tiny heart then begins to beat.

Second month

As the second month begins, the baby starts to develop eyes, ears and nose. By about 8 weeks the heart is well developed. The fetus is about an inch long.

Third month

Now the baby is about 3 inches long and weighs about 30gms. The baby’s arms, with hands and fingers, and the feet are fully formed. The external sex organs are apparent by this time and internal sex organs are still in the process of development.

Second Trimester


Fourth month.

In the fourth month, the baby’s heart beat can be heard with a special stethoscope or even with a Hand Doppler. The baby’s length increases rapidly and on an ultrasound scan, the baby can be sometimes seen sucking his/her thumb.

Fifth month

It is during the fifth month that you will appreciate your baby’s movement for the first time; which is called ‘Quickening’. This can be attributed to the increasing muscle tone of the baby.

Sixth Month

In the sixth month, the baby’s length and weight further increases to 12 to 14 inches and 750 grams respectively. The baby’s skin appears to be wrinkled and partially covered with a protective creamy coating called ‘vernix’.

Third Trimester

This comprises of the seventh month through delivery.

Seventh month

The most important aspect from this month onwards till delivery is about the growth of the baby. The baby weighs approximately 1kg in the womb and grows and exercises well. Babies born during this period for whatever reason are premature and require good intensive care.

Eight month

The baby grows as long as sixteen to eighteen inches and weighs about 1.2 to 1.4 kg. It is now when a set pattern of fetal movements are appreciated. Babies born at or after this period, though premature have better chances of survival.

Ninth month

The baby continues to grow and mature. A full term baby weighs approximately about 2.5kg and is about 20 inches long. There is a creamy coating over the body of the babies which is referred to as ‘vernix’. The baby assumes the position most suitable for delivery which is usually a ‘head down’ position. Subsequently the baby slips down into the maternal pelvis and the head engages (95% of the times) in the birthing position, all ready to be born!
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