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Milann’s state-of-the-art fertility centre in Gurgaon is situated in Cross Point Mall DLF Phase 4. The facility is known to consistently deliver top IVF success rates in the country and is widely regarded as the best fertility centre in Gurgaon. Consistently delivering clinical excellence, creating customised treatment plans, and responding to individual patient needs have been the cornerstone of Milann Gurgaon fertility treatment destination.

We have successfully cemented our place as India’s number one fertility specialty clinic on the back of our experienced fertility specialists and friendly team of assisted staff who are known leaders in the field of assisted reproduction. The team of reproductive endocrinologists, andrologists, reproductive surgeons, and reproductive immunologists work closely with fertility-trained nurses who are also experienced in reproductive medicine and sonographers, embryologists, and other lab technicians. The team of experts and the allied support staff work constantly towards providing you and your partner with the best care and assurance at every stage of the treatment journey.


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The fertility team at Milann Gurgaon works under the proficient guidance of Dr. Anshika Lekhi, a highly competent and internationally trained fertility specialist. With more than a decade of experience as a gynaecologist, reproductive endocrinologist, an infertility specialist, Dr. Anshika holds expertise in all fertility conserving procedures, female infertility treatment, male infertility treatment, natural cycle IVF, infertility evaluation/treatment, in-vitro fertilization (IVF), PCOD/PCOS treatment, embryo donor programme, male and female sexual problems, and egg donation.

As the best fertility clinic in Gurgaon, we offer a variety of treatments and do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. We pride ourselves in offering an evidence-based and wide range of quality infertility services including IUI, ICSI, assisted hatching, IVF, gamete donation, surrogacy, embryo donation, embryo freezing, and genetic screening (PGS, PGD) among others. Once we hear your story and know everything about your diagnosis, we are able to recommend a family-building treatment plan based on your individual requirement and based on the treatments we offer.

You and your partner might be surprised to find out that there are several other treatment options than just heading straight to in vitro fertilization (IVF). As a fertility treatment facility that takes a holistic approach to infertility care, we at Milann start with a systematic approach where the first round of treatment(s) can be timed intercourse or intrauterine insemination (IUI). These options are prescribed after thorough diagnosis and are often accompanied by a protocol of medication to assist in egg production and an ovulation trigger. An IUI comprises inserting a sample from your partner or donor inside the uterus, giving it the best chance to fertilise a mature egg.

Just as in the treatment options, in fertility diagnosis too we take a systematic approach and start with genetic testing to determine the cause of infertility or recurrent pregnancy loss. Identifying a genetic cause for your infertility problems can immensely help you take the correct decision on how to move ahead by choosing the most appropriate treatments that are most likely to help. Being the best fertility clinic in Gurgaon, our advanced genetic testing has helped many struggling couples in their quest to have a family.

As the best IVF center in Gurgaon, we routinely perform this assisted reproductive technique with a higher success rate than any other fertility center in Northern India. We have used IVF to treat innumerable couples who had various fertility issues such as blocked fallopian tubes, ovulation disorders, endometriosis, ovarian failure, impaired sperm production, etc. Our evolved model of IVF treatment has helped numerous couples conceive when non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures such as fertility drugs and IUI do not work.

If you and your partner are looking for the best IVF services provider in Gurgaon, start your journey with a positive note by making an appointment with one of our fertility specialists at Milann Gurgaon as we are the best IVF clinic in Gurgaon.

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