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At Milann our team of experts have specialized and trained for years with their soul focus on finding unique solutions to male and female infertility issues. Be it medication, surgeries, hormone therapy, or any other Assisted Reproductive Techniques, we got you covered.
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Mr and Mrs Basavaraj
Imagine just when you thought your life was over and a miracle happens!! That was the case of Mr and Mrs Basavaraj who had undergone multiple fertility treatments and experienced multiple miscarriages. Yet here they are to share their beautiful journey of hope to parenthood. Having been married for 18 years the couple struggled for quite sometime to conceive.
Dr. Jeremie
Dr. Jeremie Likilo Osundja from Democratic Republic of Congo successfully completed Advanced ART Course for Clinicians at Milann Academy. He had a vast experience in the field but to stay updated with advance techniques he chose to come to India for the same. Here he is sharing his experience.
Glad we at Milann Fertility Hospital, Whitefield were able to help you complete your family. We will continue to work hard in assisting patients to overcome all the hurdles and start their journey towards parenthood.
Mr & Mrs Deepak
IVF Success story of Mr & Mrs Deepak:- As rightly said by someone, great things never come from comfort zones and Mr & Mrs Deepak are a perfect couple to standby the words. Having been married for 13 years the couple struggled for over 6 years to conceive.
It is estimated that globally every year 80 million suffer from infertility, out of which over 30 million couples are in India alone. While both husband and wife contribute to parenthood, it is unfortunate that women are often blamed for infertility. Did you know that “male factor” is responsible for almost 40% of infertility cases in India?
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