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Procreation is one of the wonders of nature. The power to give birth to a young one is a beautiful gift. But for many couples, this process does not happen as easily as they would like. For more than a third of all couples it takes up to 12 months to successfully conceive. One in seven couples will need help with conception. This is where Milann, one of India's most advanced fertility centers and leading Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) centers, comes in.

The word 'Milann' means 'joining' or 'meeting'. On a purely biological level, it symbolizes the joining of the sperm and ovum, to form new life. For us, it is also symbolic of the coming together of our medical experts and patients - to form a partnership of trust, with the sole purpose of creating life. We have been successful in treating patients in the areas of fertility, Assisted Reproductive Technology, pre-implantation genetic disorders, fetal therapy and general gynecology and obstetrics.

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