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  Giving birth to a new life is one of the great wonders of nature. The idea of bringing a nascent soul to life is the building unit of evolution. Power of giving birth to a child is the pure bliss for human race. It might sound weird but the idea of conception is not that simple anymore. In the modern day scenario, more than a third of all couples take at least 12 months to conceive successfully. Numerous researches in the field of fertility has revealed that, on an average 1 out of every 7 couples will need medical assistance in the form of fertility treatment to conceive. Now this is where we come in, ranking among the echelons of best infertility healthcare centres in India, Milann offers a state of the art fertility centre where dreams of a complete family do turn into reality.

As the meaning of Milann suggests 'meeting' or 'joining', on a purely biological level it means the coming together of male and female gametes in order to fertilize and form an embryo. For us at Milann, it is also symbolic of the coming together of our medical experts and the incoming patients to form a partnership of trust, with the sole purpose of creating a new life. With the single agenda of assisting couples to reach parenthood, Milann is indeed your ideal destination among various fertility hospitals in Bangalore. We have successfully treated patients suffering from infertility that includes Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), pre-implantation genetic disorders, fetal therapy and general gynaecology and obstetrics.

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