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Gifting parenthood for many couples

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Gifting parenthood for many couples using IVF. Read some joyous messages that show their gratitude towards Milann.

Parenthood is a great gift! Some couples are less fortunate to attain it in the initial years of their marriage, which is when they seek medical help. We have many interesting stories where Milann, the Best IVF centre in Bangalore, has brought happiness into such unfortunate couples and gave them the gift of parenthood.

Here are a few of their joyous messages that show their gratitude towards Milann –
Dr. Jayanthi and Dr. Saravanan
Thank you Milann, for making us proud parents! You are indeed the Best IVF centre in Bangalore! You have made our life an experience to cherish. May you light the lamp of hope to many more, because you are the one who never stops believing in those who look upon you, even if they are on the verge of giving up on themselves.
Mr. & Mrs. Hana and Kashif
We had a fantastic experience in Milann! Everyone on the team is so friendly and welcoming, right from the watchman who greets us to the receptionists. The nurses, the management, the staff and last but not the least, the doctors- in my case Dr. Revathi and Dr. Deepika!
Dr. Sharada and Dr. Prakash
Our journey at Milann started in 2009. We went through a lot of tests and procedures but all in vain. We heard from a friend about Milann being the Best IVF centre in Bangalore, we then decided to seek help from Milann. The doctors were very kind and patient and counselled us constantly. In 2011, on the advice given by Dr. AnuKottur we went ahead with the last phase of our treatment which turned out to be very successful. Whenever we see this little child in front of us, we remember Dr. Kamini, Dr. Anu and Dr. Revathi. You all have made our life by giving us the most expensive gift in our life. Thank you!
Mr. & Mrs. Jayanthi and SatyaSimha
With several risk factors and complications we came to Milann. We were very fortunate to come under the able supervision of Dr. Revathi who provided expert care and advice at all times. With a very systematic and open approach we received world-class care and treatment. We are now enjoying the joy of parenting. Thanks Team Milann!
Mrs. Rashmi Hiresawe
Very friendly staff and doctors treat you with personal touch. Doctors are available all the time and even respond via email/SMS/phone when there is a query, thus addressing and easing the patients’ concerns. Milann is undoubtedly the Best IVF centre in Bangalore.

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