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What is OI-TI Treament

Ovulation induction- timed intercourse (OI-TI) is one of the simplest forms of assisted reproduction techniques. It's a relatively inexpensive procedure, with very little inconvenience and minimal risk of complications.
The procedure is ideal for young patients with healthy reserve, PCOS or unexplained infertility without other coexisting medical conditions.

Why is OI-TI done?

All that is needed in some couples to conceive is to identify the correct time to have intercourse to maximize the chances of conception. In OI-TI a fertility specialist tracks the processes of ovulation and advises a couple on the right window to conceive naturally.
The couple would be advised intercourse during a window immediately prior to ovulation and for 2 days post ovulation. As the sperm survives in the female reproductive tract for up to 72 hours, the chances of the released egg being fertilized by the sperm naturally is enhanced.

Preparation for OI-TI Treatment

Do not be stressed. It is important to keep the mood elevated and to be positive when attempting to conceive. Talk to your consultant on keeping your energy high and the levels of stress low.
Set your expectations right. OI-TI offers a chance to conceive through a natural process. It may however not succeed in the first or second attempt. The process of conception through assisted reproductive techniques may take time (2-4 months on an average). It helps to have a realistic expectation on the chances. Talk to your doctor if time taken to conceive is a concern and you would like to use a more advanced technique rather than a natural one.
Talk to your reproductive medicine specialist about any concerns or issues that you are worried about
Support your partner through the process. The journey towards conception is more fruitful when done together.

What is the process of OI-TI Treatment?

The treatment of OI-TI would usually start on the second day of the menstrual cycle. Your reproductive medicine specialist would advice you to see her in the clinic on day 2 or day 3 of your menses for a ultrasound scan and to plan your medicines. Your reproductive medicine specialist would then advice you on the course of medicines to take and the frequency of scans to track your progress.
The medicines used in ovulation induction allow a specialist to control the process of ovulation. The processes of ovulation is tracked by a fertility specialist using a ultrasound scan. The medicines (either tablets or injections) would have to be taken daily for about 8-14 days.
The specialist with track the process of ovulation and advise the couple on the correct days for intercourse so as to maximize the chance of conception.

Results/ Post Procedure

Your reproductive medicine specialist would advice you to check for pregnancy after 14 days with a pregnancy kit or blood test. Delay in your next periods is a possible indication of pregnancy. Many reproductive medicine specialists try OI-TI cycles 2-3 times in appropriate patients before trying more advanced assisted reproduction techniques.

What Are the Risks?

You do not become pregnant (failure): No assisted fertility technique guarantees success on the first attempt. Do not be discouraged by a negative result. The aim of the procedure is to provide a chance for natural conception.
There is a rare chance (1 in 1000 patients) where you react more strongly to medications than what is expected. This would cause multiple follicles in the ovaries to come up rather than one or two. Your doctor would advise you medical treatment and possibly an alternate procedure such as IUI or IVF in such cases.

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