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How To Choose The Best Pregnancy Kit

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A woman patiently waiting for a positive result from the urine test.

Home pregnancy kits measure the level of a hormone called HCG that the body only produces when pregnant. When it comes to choosing the right pregnancy kit, there’s a whole range of options, while the test as such remains the same. Among the different kinds of tests in the market, there is the Regular as well as the Digital Test.

A Digital Test
The digital test literally spells out if one is pregnant while in the regular test, two lines indicate a confirmed pregnancy. A digital test is most often used in a hospital, while a regular test on a strip can be performed at home and disposed of soon after. Also, a regular test is a lot more economical when compared to a digital test.
Since a Pregnancy Test, is by far the most important test anyone can ever take, it is important to go in for the best in the market. It is here that the question of brand name versus generic comes with many women preferring a brand name since it comes with an assurance of quality. 7 days after missing the period is when it can be known for a fact whether a pregnancy has occurred, and it is here that even early detection versus regular detection can be spoken about.
Early detection is when a pregnancy can be ascertained 7 days before missing the period itself and hence it is an invaluable help in the case of unplanned pregnancies.
Two ways to take the Pregnancy Test
One can buy a test from the local pharmacy that tests for the presence of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) in the urine that confirms pregnancy. Alternately, one can choose to undergo a blood test. Blood tests, most often are far more precise and accurate, yet a urine test is more widely preferred since these tests are easily available at local pharmacies. They are easy and quick to use and are available at a low cost.
When should one take these tests
There are certain signs that indicate the early stage of pregnancy and these include nausea, soreness of breasts, a general feeling of lethargy and an unexplained increase in appetite. The most obvious symptom of an impending pregnancy is a missed menstrual cycle and in case this happens, one needs to get a pregnancy test done at the earliest.
How to read the results from a Pregnancy Kit
Pregnancy kits, quite often are rather similar and in case of a confirmed pregnancy, the test may read “+” “Yes” or display a specific colour. For the longest time, two faint lines on a stick have been the indicator for a positive sign, when tested for pregnancy.

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