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Dr. Kamini Rao confidently posing as the face of Milann Fertility center.

A new born is always a bundle of joy to any couple, and if it is to an infertile couple…then the joy is beyond mere words! Here are some beautiful stories from the vault of Milann, the best Fertility hospital in Bangalore.

Mrs. Chandra Sharma & Mr. Suresh Sharma
They are now blessed with a beautiful girl child and twin boys, Mrs Chandra Suresh and Mr Suresh Sharma had, at a point, struggled to have a child for more than 19 years. Today they recall how much they had travelled all around the world and still couldn’t find even a single ray of hope. This is when they heard about the leading Fertility hospital in Bangalore…Milann! When the couple approached Dr. Kamini Rao, she advised them to undergo treatment at Milann – The Fertility Center. Eventually, the couple got new wings to their lost hopes and were overwhelmed with joy. They were soon blessed with a girl child, followed by twin boys, this completed their family. We wish the Sharma family a wonderful life together and happiness in abundance! It is always great to spread joy.
Mrs. Leela & Mr. Uday
After being diagnosed with leukaemia, Mr Uday received treatment in Chennai and cured himself. After his marriage to MrsLeela, the couple began to facedelay in conception for nearly about 2 years and finally decided to seek help from the Fertility hospital in Bangalore. This is when theyapproached Milann, and at Milann, it was later discovered that due to a lower sperm count and poor egg quality, MrUday and Mrs Leela were unable to become pregnant. The couple underwent IVF treatment at Milann and their life transformed. Their happiness knew no bounds when they discovered that MrsLeela is pregnant. These happy stories always motivate and help us get better day by day.
Mrs Rohini& MrShivasubramanyan
Mrs Rohini and her husband Mr Shivasubramanya approached Milann to turn their hope into happiness. At that point, Mrs Rohini was at a high-risk of diabetes and also had high blood-pressure. At Milann her blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure were monitored regularly and we made sure she had a healthy pregnancy and healthy child. Her husband, Mr Shivasubramanya is now much relaxed and assured that both, his wife and his future child, are in safe hands. Team Milann wishes Mrs Rohini a safe and healthy delivery and wish the couple a healthy, fruitful and ever-lasting togetherness! We welcome them to the Milann family!

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