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Milann-Where quality healthcare comes first.

Milann Hospitals

Starting with merely one unit in Bangalore, Milann has now grown massively into the leading IVF hospital in Bangalore. At a very rapid pace, Milann has now secured 7 IVF hospitals in Bangalore under its wings and a few more in other parts of the country. Having assisted over 75000 couples in starting a family, Milann has great experience and is one of the most qualified fertility centers in Bangalore.
The Legacy of Milann
Milann has also ranked first in the “Times Health Survey” continuously for 3 consecutive years. Apart from being the first choice in the list of IVF hospital in Bangalore, Milann also spans its expertise in many of the reproductive treatments like Gynae endoscopy, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, hysterectomy, myomectomy and much more.
More and more couples who have trouble conceiving naturally are opting for IVF treatment in Bangalore and Milann plays the lead role in providing the most advanced healthcare services with the best quality to thousands of couples for over 27 years. With a clear view of treating infertility to its core, Milann has stretched its IVF clinics across Bangalore, in Delhi and Chandigarh and is shortly opening centers in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Kochi and Cuttack.
Our Trophies
Milann has earned a reputation that attracts many patients from across the globe, including Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa… Milann’s portfolio of outstanding achievements in various fields includes –
  • Country’s first baby born using SIFT
  • India’s first ISO 9001:2008 certified fertility center
  • India’s first fertility center to be granted NABL accreditation
  • South India’s first micromanipulation ICSI baby
  • South India’s first baby born through Laser Assisted Hatching
  • Over 75,000 surgeries conducted

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