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A couple and child watching the sunset together after a successful Ivf Journey.

Milann, a dedicated Fertility Centre for Assisted Reproduction and Fertility Treatments is a top-notch brand and is the last resort to couples who dream of parenthood. Be it the male fertility problem or female, our consistency and commitment along with experience and expertise will certainly give you the chance of enjoying parenthood. We are truly motivated by the smiles that vindicate more than the success rate itself. Our state-of-art Fertility Centre across Bangalore leaves no stones unturned with its advanced technology and precision that avails world-class care and treatments for infertile couples.

Milann Fertility Centre offers a wide range of treatment options ranging from basic infertility assessment and treatments, surgical correction of pelvic pathologies, blastocyst transfer, IUI, DI, IVF, frozen embryo treatment and surgical sperm retrieval to much more. Our team of dedicated and highly skilled embryologists, an andrologist and other Para-medical staff along with established doctors make Milann the best Fertility Centre!
Our Expertise and Experience
Milann Fertility Centre offers a host of services and treatments including basic infertility assessment & treatments, surgical correction of pelvic pathologies, IUI, In-vitro fertilization, DI, blastocyst transfer, frozen embryo replacement cycles and surgical sperm retrieval.
We provide tailor-made solutions
We initially make a complete assessment test to understand the problem and then based on the evidence and findings, we advise our patients to undergo tailor-made solutions that will help then attain the maximum of our success rate. We take them through each step with utmost care and understanding to help them fulfill their dreams of experiencing parenthood. We strive towards delivering happiness and redefining infertility treatments!

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