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A better way to plan your future with egg freezing

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Women in their early twenties constantly feel like they’re racing against time. Invisible deadlines seem to be looming ahead. This may seem strange to someone who’s never experienced this, but the fear is definitely not unfounded. The ominous ticking in the background is that of the biological clock – most often thrust in young women’s faces by society. Women have their own apprehensions, but relatives and neighbours don’t help with their sly references to marriage and the age factor.

However, the clock can indeed be beaten. A recent advancement in medical science allows women to retrieve eggs from their ovaries, freeze them, and store them in an ART Bank. They can use them when they feel the time is right for them to make use of their fertility, without having to worry about infertility or passing time.
Here is why freezing eggs can be a great idea:
1.Limited supply of eggs
Women are born with a fixed number of eggs and as they age, this number goes down. Infertility becomes an issue as age increases. Women in their early twenties have an average pregnancy rate of 25 percent per month. In their thirties, the figure falls to 15 percent a month and as they enter their forties, it drops further to 5 percent. Freezing eggs can put this worry out of their mind and allow them to have a biological child whenever they are ready.
2.Does not require sacrifices
Pregnancy and child rearing can make women give up their careers and dreams, sometimes permanently. Even men face pressure, to some extent. Keeping aside some eggs for the future allows them to make progress in their careers and only think about children when they’re ready.
3.Gives a sense of freedom
Women who have had their eggs frozen have reported feeling much lighter, as it gives them the freedom to choose their relationships and date without the pressure of marriage.
4.Provides quality results
Frozen eggs are thawed, inseminated, and implanted when the woman feels that the time has come for her to be a mother. But this process does no damage to the eggs in any way. Studies have proven that outcomes with thawed eggs are just as good as those with fresh eggs. On the other hand, eggs left in the ovaries lose their quality over time and reduce the chances of pregnancy.
Fertilisation techniques
When it is time, the thawed eggs can be mixed with sperm in a dish so that fertilisation occurs naturally. This is the conventional in vitro fertilisation (IVF) method. Another method, called the intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) method involves the injection of a single sperm directly into an egg.
Risks involved
Rarely, fertility drugs used to induce ovulation may lead to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. It causes the ovaries to swell and become painful after egg retrieval. Further, the aspirating needle used to retrieve eggs can also cause bleeding and infection. There are also emotional risks depending on whether or not the pregnancy will ultimately be successful.
The benefits definitely outweigh the risks, which can be avoided if you consult a reputed fertility centre. Milann is one such IVF treatment centre that has won awards for its expertise and is completely reliable.

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