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Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts to boost your fertility

Do's and Dont to boost your infertility chances at Milann Infertility center.

A healthy body with the right kind of nutrition can improve your chances during the fertility procedure as you plan to have a family of your own. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts that can help your odds if you are trying to conceive:

Do’s –
  • Preconception check-upsRegular check-up when you are trying to conceive. An important point to keep in mind here is to know how much folic acid you are supposed to get even before the pregnancy. Consulting a doctor would help in getting you the right intake of folic acid for your body, which is good in the early stages of pregnancy.
  • Understanding the pregnancy cycleIt’s important to understand the nature of your ovulation cycle if you are planning to conceive. Knowing when you are most fertile and being aware of the signs of ovulation are some of the prerequisites to help you conceive better.
  • Regular Exercise One of the most important pregnancy tips is to do moderate exercise. Why moderate specifically? Because too much of it could impact your ovulation cycle. If you are trying to conceive then it is best to maintain a healthy weight and have a light fitness regime.
  • De-stressTrying to conceive is the most challenging part while starting a family. It builds up a lot of stress that interferes with the ovulation cycle. Therefore, it is better to be relaxed and undergo stress relief activities such as yoga and meditation.
  • A healthy dietThe best thing your body needs when you are trying to conceive is a proper balanced diet with nutritional benefits- Fresh fruits and vegetables, peanuts, pulses, eggs, fish etc..
  • SmokingOne of the most important pregnancy tips anyone could give or receive is to avoid cigarettes. Tobacco can cause infertility to both men and women affecting their sperm and ovarian counts respectively. Nicotine has shown to affect the production of sperms in men and change the cervical mucus in women.
  • AlcoholWhether you are a light drinker or a heavy drinker, it is important to know that alcohol in all its forms affects your chances while trying to conceive. It could cause ovulation disorders and affect the development of the foetus.
  • CaffeineAvoid too much intake of caffeine when trying to conceive or in the initial stages of pregnancy as it may have a harmful effect on the growth of the foetus.
  • Carbonated drinksSodas and drinks contain artificial sweeteners and caffeine that can be harmful in the nascent stages of pregnancy or when the foetus is in its developing stage.
  • ToxinsThe world is filled with pollutants and harmful chemicals that can impact fertility in a big way. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the toxins that are present in our surroundings such as perfluorochemicals (PFCs) that are used in clothing, furniture, and other household appliances.
It’s always advisable to be on the safer side and make few changes in lifestyle in order to improve your odds when you are trying to conceive.

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