Dr. Madhu B Jagalasar

Consultant - Pediatrics & Neonatology

Dr. Madhu B Jagalasar

Speciality :

Pediatrics & Neonatology

Training and Qualifications :


Experience :

10 years

Language :

Kannada, English, Hindi & Tamil

Location :


Doctor Location :

JP Nagar

As a Senior resident in neonatology department during DM post-graduation, my
responsibilities included; attending high-risk deliveries, management of extremely low birth
weight (ELBW) infants, complex neonatal medical conditions like persistent pulmonary
hypertension, perinatal asphyxia, hyaline membrane disease, and management of a surgical
neonate. It also included antenatal consults for high-risk deliveries and management of
end-of-life care. It also included POC USG, ECHO diagnosis of medical and surgical cases in
NICU. It also involved teaching and supervision of pediatric residents during their rotation
through NICU. As a part of training, responsible for the advice and transport of critically ill

Practical Skills:

Functional Echocardiography
Peripheral, central and Intraosseous lines
PICC line insertion
Bag and Mask Ventilation
Endotracheal intubation & Mechanical Ventilation
Non-invasive ventilation
Newborn Resuscitation
Neonatal Exchange Transfusion
Neonatal Parenteral nutrition
Therapeutic Hypothermia
Umbilical catheterisation (arterial and venous)
Closed Intercostal Drainage tube insertion
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Ventricular tap, Lumbar puncture
NG tube insertion, Urethral catheterization

1. A case report -“Incontinentia Pigmenti in a term neonate an atypical presentation”, on oct
2018 in Dovepress.
2. “Early discharge of preterm infants on gavage feeding and short-term outcome” on august
2019 in Paripex Indian journal of research.

1. Oral presentation on Retinopathy of prematurity at South Neocon Chennai 2018.
2. Oral presentation on “An audit of fluid therapy in preterm infants admitted to level 3
NICU” at Expert talk- Materno-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine 2017, Chennai.
3. Oral presentation on “A randomised controlled trial to compare the effect of 3 regimens
(0.3mg vs 0.5mg vs 1mg IM) of vitamin K1 prophylaxis at birth and on vitamin K status in
preterm and /or VLBW” at South Neocon Chennai 2018.
4. Case Presentation – “Wolcott Rallison Syndrome”, on 27 July 2017 at NNF Meet, Chennai.
5. Case Presentation- “Congenital Syphilis-Atypical Presentation”, on 10 March 2018 at
NNF Meet, Chennai.
6. Poster Presentation on- “Congenital Syphilis” on 26 Aug at Expert talk 2017, Chennai.

Work experience:
• Junior resident in the department of paediatrics, VIMS & RC, Bangalore, from July 2012
till October 2015.
• Senior resident in the department of paediatrics, VIMS & RC, Bangalore, from January
2016 till July 2016.
• Senior resident in the Department of Neonatology, Chettinad hospital and research Institute,
Chennai from August 2016 till February 2020.

Research and academics:
1. Attended Workshop and Conference, ISIEM-2017, Chennai.
2. Attended Neonatal Ventilation workshop by NNF 26-27 Feb 2017, Chennai.
3. Attended Conference, Neocore-2017,12,13 march, Chennai.
4. Attended Natus Conference on aEEG, 23/03/2017, Bangalore.
5. Attended IPOKRATES 2017, 4-6 April, Bangalore.
6. Attended Neorespicon Conference 2017, 27-28 May, Bangalore.
7. Attended Workshop on “Short course on Biostatistics and Use of STATA”, 31 July-4 Aug
2017, CMC Vellore.
8. Attended Workshop on Advanced NRP 27 Aug 2017, Chennai.
9. Attended Conference, Expert Talk,2017,26,27 Aug, Chennai.
10.Attended Research Methodology Workshop, 22-24 Jan 2018, Chennai.
11.Attended Bailey Workshop March 3,2018, Chennai.
12.Attended Workshop on Therapeutic Hypothermia,8 March 2018, CMC Vellore.
13.Attended Conference and Workshop, Neocore 2018, 9-10 March, CMC Vellore.
14.Attended Conference, Neoneurocon 2018, 12-15 July, Bangalore.
15.Attended Workshop on Neonatal Neurological Examination and Neurodevelopmental follow up, 12-15 July 2018, Bangalore.
16.Attended Conference, South Neocon 2018, 5-7 Oct, Chennai.
17.Attended Workshop on Functional Neonatal ECHO, 12-14 oct 2018, Bangalore.
18.Attended Workshop on Neurology for Neonatologists, 18-20 Jan 2019, Trivandrum.
19.Attended IPOKRATES 2019, 7-9 Feb, Bangalore.
20.Attended Workshop on Cranial Ultrasound,23-24 Feb 2019, Bangalore.
21.Attended Workshop on Neonatal USG and Algorithmic approach to neonatal emergencies,
19-20 may 2019, Bangalore.
22.Attended Excel with Advanced neonatal training, 17-19 July 2019, Bangalore.
23.Attended Research Methodology Workshop, 12-13 Feb 2020, Chennai

Indian Academy of paediatrics (IAP)
National Neonatology Forum (NNF).


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